Speedfloor - The Product




  1. Speedfloor rollformed joists are made from high strength, pre-galvanised steel.
  2. The concrete slab topping has a compressive strength of 32 Mpa after 28 days.
  3. The design of the floor system conforms to Australian and New Zealand Composite Structure Standards.
  4. The durability of the system when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications will meet the performance criteria set out in the Building Codes.



Full scale fire tests have established that the Speedfloor system can be fire rated and meet fire rating requirements set out by the Building Codes.
Options include:


  1. Can achieve a fire rating (using the SPM Program) without any treatment to exposed Speedfloor joists.
  2. Using a fire rated ceiling.
  3. Using sprayed products directly onto Speedfloor joists.
  4. Using paint products directly onto Speedfloor joists.



Speedfloor’s performance is superior to that of a conventional poured concrete slab without the need for acoustic insulation.