Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Speedfloor?

Speedfloor is a suspended concrete floor system that uses a rollformed steel joist as an integral part of the finished concrete and steel composite floor.


The system has been developed using advanced rollforming technology and the latest techniques, so that a fast, lightweight, concrete/steel composite floor is available at a cost-effective price. No curing, no painting, no hassle’s.

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How Does it Work?

The joist is manufactured from pre-galvanized high tensile steel in a one pass rollformer, where it is rollformed, punched, pressed and slotted to a high degree of accuracy at a fast production rate. The ends are simply bolted to the joist which are then ready for shipping to site.


The individually marked, lightweight joists are placed on the support medium where the Speedfloor shuttering system locks the joist into the exact position. The reinforcement is placed and the concrete floor is ready to pour.


The Speedfloor composite floor system is suitable for use in all types of construction. For example, steel frame structures, masonry buildings, poured in-situ or precast concrete frames, as well as wooden frame construction, from a single family detached house to multi-story residential and office complexes.

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How do we get Speedfloor for our project?

You must first confirm that your engineer or architect has access to a Speedfloor design manual which can be obtained from your local Speedfloor franchise or from this Website. Armed with span, design loads (live, point and line loads) and any openings in the floor, he may then select from the appropriate load span tables, a joist and topping combination. This selection can be confirmed by your local Speedfloor franchise where he may suggest alternatives or any changes that may make installation easier.


The words ‘Speedfloor proprietary concrete floor system’ should be marked on the plans with the nomenclature of the joist selected.


A producer statement will be available once a copy of the construction plans has been sent to the Speedfloor Franchise for confirmation.