Speedfloor Brand History

New Zealand Speedfloor LogoThe Speedfloor joist was developed in the mid 1990s by Speedfloor Holdings Ltd which is part of the Sullivan and Haddon Group. The Sullivan Haddon Group are innovators in construction technology and are committed to the use of technology in the construction industry as it can offer significant commercial advantages over traditional methods.


Manufacture of the Speedfloor joist has been franchised in New Zealand and Australia and licensed installers are franchised throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United States.


The Intellectual Properties have been retained by Speedfloor Holdings Ltd. They remain committed to the development of the product and the world wide use of this innovative and cost effective suspended concrete flooring system.




Speedfloor USA gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the considerable assistance and support provided by Speedfloor Holdings Limited in New Zealand and Speedfloor Australia Pty Ltd, without whose support most of the technical background reports, pictures and data could not have been made available on this web site.


Speedfloor USA also acknowledges that the Intellectual Property Rights associated with this material belongs to Speedfloor Holdings Limited, New Zealand.