Building on a great idea...


Speedfloor, the unique suspended concrete flooring system, is an innovation to the building industry!  So quick and easy to install, Speedfloor is a lightweight, cost-effective system that's perfect for multi-storied residential or commercial buildings and parking garages.


Whether it's one story or fifteen, the recipe is very simple: take sufficient quantity of Speedfloor, add structural steel or concrete supports, mix concrete and pour!


At the heart of the system is a specially roll formed, galvanized steel joist that offers all the benefits of an open-webbed truss system at a more competitive price. It needs no propping and is light enough to be manhandled into place - reducing cranage needs while saving substantial time and expense!


Speedfloor is faster, lighter and easier than traditional flat plate construction and can achieve savings of up to 24% due to its speed of erection and installation. Other key benifits of Speedfloor include:


  1. Speedfloor is a simple and inexpensive way of adding new floors onto existing buildings and mezzanine floors within existing buildings.


  1. Services are easily accommodated through the joist which are delivered to the site ready to install.


  1. The Speedfloor composite flooring system is extremely light and well suited for sloping sites and problem soils, and allows you to reduce the size of your foundations. Speedfloor is also and excellent system in seismic locations.


  1. Speedfloor can also be designed to provide fire ratings without the need for any treatment to the joists or fire rated plasterboard ceilings.